Latest Updated Demo!

Woohoo! Here it is! The new and improved Tank Warz! free demo.

I've added and updated many things since the original demo version, including:

  • New menu screen design
  • New map design
  • New enemy spawn portal design
  • Redesigned enemy tanks
  • Player camera position changed to provide a better view
  • Added mini map
  • Lava pit traps
  • New energetic music tracks (removed the chip-tune style)
  • New pickups
  • Player shield
  • Added video, audio and game options
  • Added colour-blindness support
  • High score saving
  • And more...

This is a fairly large update, but one that will hopefully provide extra fun and playability.



TankWarzDemo_0.12.msi 210 MB
Sep 05, 2019

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Awesome, can't wait to play this!

Thank you Flict, hope you enjoy the demo :)