New Demo Version Published

Since publishing the first version of the demo, we've made a few changes and added some things for you in this update.

Things We've Changed:

  • Added mouse support so you can now rotate the player tank turret to look around to locate enemies easier
  • Increased the arena size a little bit, to allow more play area
  • Changed where the enemy tanks spawn; see Things We've Added

Things We've Added:

  • Added enemy Spawn Portals, so the enemies spawn at those points instead of just randomly in the play area
  • Added 2 pickup items, randomly dropped by the enemy tanks when destroyed:
    • Health Pack: Replenishes your health a little when collected
    • "Insta-Bomb": Instantly destroys enemy tanks in the play area - use tactically when overrun by enemies!
  • Hit indication. Screen now flashes when you're hit, so you know that you're under attack.

We're continuing work on the full game too, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this updated Free Playable Demo version.


TankWarzWin64Demo_Installer.exe 48 MB
86 days ago

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